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"These exercises are amazing!"

Everybody wants to develop 6 Pack Abs. However, probably fewer than 5% of people who actually try to achieve them can actually do it. ripped 6 pack abs Why is that?

Because they are relying on exercises like crunches and don't know the first thing about nutrition. Either that or they simply don't have the willpower to stay away from the wrong kinds of food.

Another factor is motivation, which most people don't have. If you want to develop 6 pack abs, your going to need more of a motivating factor than "I want to look good".

It needs to be something deeper and more specific, such as "I can't wait to see the look on my wife/husbands face as they run their hands down my chiseled abs".

Ab exercises are one of the most neglected exercises out of any muscle group because people don't like to do them. That's only because they don't know the right exercises to do! ripped 6 pack abs

On this page I'll describe some of my favorite 6 pack abs developing exercises that I do on a regular basis. You'll notice that instead of focusing on isolating the abdominal muscles, I focus on core exercises that develop the entire midsection of your body. This is very important.

Although some of them may be hard for you now, just realize that some day you'll be able to achieve them with ease, if you stick with it. Everybody can do these exercises sooner or later. It just takes time and dedication - but you can still have fun with it!

I just want to point out that not everybody reading this will have the goal of developing chiseled abs. The goal of this website isn't to make you look great, it's about having fun while getting in shape. Looking great is just a by-product of the exercises you perform.

If you want to learn the secrets of developing amazing looking abs, check out my review on - The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Anyway, let's get on to the exercises.

Exercises To Develop 6 Pack Abs

Hanging Leg Raises - To do these, simply hang from a pull up bar, climbing rope or anything else that will allow your body to hang. At any gym they will have a device for this as well.

Beginners can bring their knees up to their chest, then slowly lower them back down. As you advance, try this with your legs straight out. This is great for the hip flexors and the lower stomach.

This is a fun one to try after you've climbed up a rope. It's a weird feeling being 10-15 feet above the ground and working out your abs!

Ab Wheel - I'm sure you've heard of these, but have you ever tried one? These are the best 6 pack abs exercises I've ever done. I thought my abs were splitting apart the day after I tried these for the first time. The one I have has straps in which you can put your feet so you can do a variety of different exercises. Make sure you check out this page if you're serious about your abs and core.

Circular Leg Lifts - This is a fun exercise that will surely get people looking.

To do this, lie on your back with your hands at your sides. Raise your legs in the air so your feet are behind your head. Then swing your legs in a circular motion all the way down to your feet. Stop and pause for a second, and bring them back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions, then repeat on the opposite side.

This a great exercise for the lower back and abs, emphasizing the obliques.

Chair Holds - I want to caution that you need to be in a good shape to do the following.

Place 2 sturdy chairs about the length of your body apart from each other. Place 1 foot on a chair, then rest the back of your head on the other chair (make sure there's a pillow on it that won't slide). Then bring the other foot up to the chair and hold yourself in the air between the chairs.

This is a great core exercise that also builds tremendous neck strength.

Abdominal Jumps - This exercise is more geared towards people in contact sports, such as boxing. It won't exactly build 6 pack abs, but it WILL make them much more resistant to force.

To do this, position your body as you do in the "Grab Ankles and Lift, like I described in my back exercises page. However instead of just pulling yourself up, you have to do pull and simultaneously push your stomach out so you come up into the air. Pushing up like this develops power in the stomach, and landing back on your stomach gets it used to force being put on it.

V-Ups - These are a great core strength builder that I used to gain strength to do some of the other exercises I've mentioned here.

Lie on your back and reach your hands far behind your head. Then simultaneously bring your hands and your feet upwards so they meet in the middle. If you don't have the strength or flexibility to do this, do the same thing with your knees and elbows and work into it.

Fitness Ball - This is a recent revolution in the fitness world that's bringing great results. On this page are 5 of my favorite fitness ball exercises that will help you in your quest toward 6 pack abs.

Although exercises are very important to developing 6 pack abs, nutrition is about 80% of the battle. You still need to eat very healthy with few cheats if you want to have great abs. truth about 6 pack abs Check out one of my favorite books on getting 6 pack abs. I literally changed my way of exercising after reading this book, and have never looked back. I was never in such a great shape than I was after I read this book!

Click Here! Check out the truth about 6 pack abs and lose more weight than you ever thought possible.

It's simply a phenomenal resource and I highly recommend it.


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