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Why Ab Exercise Machines Aren't As Effective As You Think

It seems like you can't go a day without seeing infomercials on new "amazing" ab exercise machines.

Although I hardly ever watch TV, I still manage to notice all these new machines that people are trying to sell.

The sad part is, they actually DO sell!

Ab exercise machines are getting to the point where it's pathetic that a person would even take the time to try and market it.

So What's Wrong With Them

For one, they place too much emphasis on "reducing back pain". When you do an exercise that supports your back too much, it's not going to strengthen it.

After awhile when you build your abs up, you're going to have a huge imbalance between your abs and your lower back, which is going to cause you even more pain.

This is why you need to do core exercises rather than abdominal exercises.

Another reason I'm not a fan of ab exercise machines is that they only give you one range of motion.

You go one way, back and forth, and with a lot of them you can't "correct yourself" very much - which is something your body doesn't like. Ab Exercise Machines

Instead, it's done in a very linear fashion with no give.

The reason you don't want to perform linear exercises is because making those little adjustments, which most of the time you don't even know you're doing, is what builds up your stabilizer muscles.

Stabilizer muscles are extremely important for balance and coordination, and by building them up you'll become much stronger and much more agile.

Ab Exercise Machines Are Too Expensive

I believe that if you want to get fit in the shortest amount of time as possible, you should buy a few basic pieces of equipment.

You can see what these pieces of equipment are in my home fitness gym page.

However, most ab exercise machines just don't make the cut for what I believe should be incorporated into a good workout program.

For the money people spend, they simply aren't worth it.

There's Only One I Recommend

Out of all the dozens and maybe hundreds of ab machines available on the market today, there is only one that I would highly recommend you getting.

I would recommend buying the Power Wheel IIAb Wheel.

It's quite simply the best machine for your abs in the world. In fact, they did on a study on it which actually proved that it recruits more muscle fibers than other other ab machine!

It only takes a few short minutes and you'll have one of the best ab workouts of your life.

Also, contrary to what the reviewer says on Amazon, the foot strap is well worth the extra money. I'm guessing he never tried the alligator walk or the pike up with this incredible ab wheel.

Whether or not you want to spend the money (although it's not very much) on the best ab wheel ever created is up to you.

However, I will point out that people who are determined to lose weight are going to make sacrifices along the way.

If you're serious about building up the strength in your core and showing off your abs, it's imperative that you go ahead and grab yourself a Power Wheel IIAb Wheel.

Believe me, you'll thank me after a week or two of using it.


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