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Does The Ab Rocket Work?

The Ab Rocket will be flying to the moon one day and not return.

Like many other gadgets in the fitness, health and weight loss industry this one will soon be found on attics, in garages and sooner or later in the land fill.

Who in the world are the most physically fit and attractive celebrities, like gorgeous Italian model and actor Antonio Sabato Jr. and female sex symbol Kim Kardashian. Oh well, talking about advertising.

What will people think of us some time in the future when they dig up remains of our civilization? "These guys were sitting on some weird chairs". They used to call them rockets.

I would say that for some people it might actually be a great gadget but it won't really help lose weight. It is and can be used as an Ab strengthener but for "spot loss" reducing You don't lose fat in a specific area by training that area.

Losing fat takes a little bit more than that. You need the right nutrition, keep your body fat low and exercise and I would urge you to not only train one part of your body.

People wanting to lose fat also have to change eating habits and yes DO more but not just in one area.

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