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Find Your Best Chest Exercise Here

Many would argue over what they consider to be the best chest exercise available today.

That's why I'd like to mention that although I think pushups are the best chest exercise, it doesn't mean that they are. It's just my opinion.

However, I think I have a strong case as to why I think they're the best. Let's look at the facts.

Chest Exercises

  • You Can Do Them Anywhere - This exercise can literally be done anywhere.

    You can do them in your kitchen, your bathroom, your basement, outside, in a hotel room, or virtually anywhere with a few feet of space!

    This means you'll never have an excuse for not working out.

  • It's A Whole Body Exercise - Although these are mainly thought of an just a chest exercise, they're really a whole-body exercise.

    To prove it, try this out. Get into the pushup position, and try to hold it for 5 minutes straight.

    By then you'll know exactly which muscles it works. Some of them include the legs, your entire core, arms, chest, and even your neck if you do a hindu pushup.

  • So Many Variations - One of the main reasons that pushups are, in my opinion, the best exercise for your chest is because of the fact that there are so many variations of them. This allows you to work the muscle in many different ways, with different weights, and from different angles. For example, you can do regular pushups, one-handed, wide, pushups with your hands stretched far out, plyometrics, weighted, and diamond pushups, just to name a few.
  • They're Good On The Joints - They can be compared to the bench press in the weightlifting world. However, with bench pressing you have to go in one motion with your hands in one spot. This causes a lot of wear and tear on your joints, especially in your shoulders. Doing it the old school way doesn't cause this problem, and I've heard many stories of people performing hindu pushups and actually taking away joint pain.

So those are my reasons that I believe pushups are the best chest exercise. I'm sure you'll agree, or at least be more interested in them after realizing all the benefits they offer. Try to fit them into your routine and see how you like them.

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