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What's The Best Protein Supplement For You?

In the vast sea of supplements out there, there has to be THE best protein supplement that you can buy.

I've been using this particular protein powder for years now and nothing beats it.

But before I tell you the name of it, let me tell you why I like it so much.

So Many Different Flavors!

For one, it comes in a several varieties of different flavors. You can get natural flavor, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

I myself like the chocolate flavor (my favorite so far).

I am sure you'll find a flavor you like.

I haven't tried them all yet, but the ones I have tried are fantastic.

The Price Is Fantastic!

Another thing that makes this the best protein supplement I've ever tried is, of course, the price. It comes out to about $8 per pound, or roughly 50-60 cents per serving depending on what size you get. The formula is easy to assimilate; it's glutamine enriched, 98% lactose free, and aspartame free. Plus, it's only 80 calories per serving.

Many people argue that you shouldn't use supplements because of the increased price.

Well, where else can you get 24 grams of protein for about 50 cents?

My guess is - nowhere.

It Works Better Than Real Food.

Although I suggest eating natural food in almost all cases, there is one case in which I would recommend using the best protein supplement you can get.

This time is post workout.

The reason you need to take whey protein immediately after working out is, unlike real food, it gets metabolized in just a few minutes and shoots right into your muscles to begin repairing them.

Plus, and I won't get into any technical terms here, the degree to which whey protein is used by your body is much higher than all other proteins.

What I mean is that your body can only use so much protein from any given food. For some, it uses only about 50% of the protein that the food contains.

For others, such as eggs, it uses the majority of the protein in them.

Where Do I Get The Best Protein Supplement?

Whey Protein

Go there and you'll get it from the best and cheapest company I am aware of.

I've been getting my supplements and whey protein from them for years now and have always been satisfied.

Plus as a bonus, they ship fast which in my case is important since I tend to forget:).

If you don't like milk chocolate, you can of course pick from other flavors.

You may want to check out their online store and see if they beat prices from other companies that you buy from. It may well be.

This protein powder is tasty and your muscles will thank you for helping them grow!

Try it out, I can almost guarantee you won't go back to whatever you were using before it. I have heard that their weight gain supplements are good too but I never tried them since I don't need them.

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