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Could The Best Stomach Exercise Be Something
You've Never Thought Of?

When most people talk to you about the best stomach exercise, what do they usually say?

Stomach Exercise
The Best Stomach Exercise

I'm going to guess most people would tell you that crunches or sit ups are the best- right?

Well, it actually depends on what you mean by "best stomach exercise". There can actually be two different definitions of that. Let's take a look at each.

The Best Strengthening Exercise

In my opinion the best exercise to strengthen your stomach and get it into rock hard amazing shape is the ab wheel.

This exercise simultaneously strengthens and stretches your entire core, and also your lats, shoulders and triceps. I've found it to be a very important part of my AB training, and I think you will too.

However, there are also some other amazing exercises you can do to develop powerful 6 pack abs.

So now let's take a look at the other definition.

Is This The Best Stomach Exercise Out There?

If you're trying to develop a nice set of abdominal muscles that you want to show off, the most important part of the equation is how much fat is covering them.

There is no benefit of having huge, crater-like abdominal muscles if you can't see them through all the blubber!

Therefore, the best thing you can do if your goal is to get a good look at your abs is lose weight. Until you do this and get under 10% or so body fat, your abs simply won't be visible.

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Putting It All Together

So far you've learned that there's no point in having ripped abs if you can't see through the fat you have.

So is there a way to simultaneously burn off the fat and build up your abdominal muscles so you can show them off?

Of course there is!

Although most people say that walking or jogging is the best way to lose fat nowadays, I simply don't believe it.

From my own experience and from reading dozens of research studies which support it, walking and jogging simply don't live up to their expectations.

Instead, you need to do something a bit harder, and a lot more fun.

My favorite way lose weight and strengthen my abs is by kick boxing.

I won't get into all the details on kick boxing because you can just go to that page, but I'll just say that it's an extremely effective way of making those abdominal muscles "pop".

The rotational style of kick boxing goes a long way to giving you much more strength, endurance, and flexibility in your core.

Along with the AB wheel, which I mentioned earlier, kick boxing may be the best stomach exercise if you want to simultaneously lose fat and get a good AB workout.

What's YOUR Favorite Stomach Exercise?

Do you agree with me? If so, let me know the success you've had. If not, please share with everybody what exercise has helped you out!

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