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Best Supplements When Working Out

The question is, what are the best supplements for You?"

Supplements seem to be one thing that people have either a love or hate relationship with.

I think that's a bad approach to supplements, or anything else for that matter.

Why There's A Love/Hate Relationship

In my opinion there is only one reasons for this love hate relationship when dealing with supplements.

People that are completely pro-supplements would see "what are the best supplements for you" and think - everything is!

On the contrary, anti-supplement folks would think that NO supplements can help them because all you need is natural food.

Well I'm sorry to say this, but both sides are wrong.

I believe in a balanced approach for everything. I don't only do bodyweight exercises, I don't only eat certain foods, I don't only take supplements and not worry about my diet.

I do a mix of everything. I take a few supplements that I don't feel I get enough of in my diet (fish oil, a multivitamin, the best protein supplement, and joint supplements).

The reasons are simple - it's very hard to get all the nutrients you need with today's food. Even if you have a perfect diet.

Food isn't as nutritionally potent as it was decades ago, and therefore a multivitamin is an absolute must in terms of supplements.

If I had to pick one thing to take besides eating healthy, I would say that multivitamins are the best supplements to take. Here are great multi vitamins icon you can buy for better health.

So What Are The Best Supplements For You?

There are hundreds of people trying to sell your "miracle" supplements that probably won't work for you.


These people have no idea what you need and are just trying to sell stuff!

My advice to you is to go to a sports nutrition doctor and have him do tests to see what vitamins/minerals/other chemicals that you're deficient in.

By knowing which ones you need, you'll have a much easier time picking out the best supplements for you.

Why Supplements Are Important

Not many people realize that the majority of diseases and illnesses today are caused by a deficiency in some kind of nutrient.

In fact, about 19/20 degenerative diseases today are caused by some type of nutritional deficiency!

How's that for a good advertising slogan?

Getting these nutritional supplements becomes even more important when working out. Your body uses up a lot of energy and nutrients to help rebuild your muscles, so it's imperative that you have the proper nutrition.

As I said earlier, I believe in a balanced approach. I don't believe in spending $100's of dollars each month on supplements.

However, I do believe in getting the basics, such as whey protein for after working out, fish oil for it's numerous benefits, multivitamin for extra help on the nutrients, and a joint supplement to keep your joints moving smooth and healthy.

Those 4 products are, in my opinion, the best supplements you can buy to enhance your health and fitness.

Creatine is also another supplement that has always been a top performer for me. It increased my endurance more than any other single supplement I've ever taken.

However you should talk to a doctor before taking it. It should be fine though - they're finally starting to find more research backing up creatine and it's many beneficial uses.

Whatever you end up taking, be smart about it and make sure it's really what you need. Also, make sure you take them as supplements, not a replacement for healthy eating!


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