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Bodyweight Exercises
The Best Way to Work Out?

Bodyweight exercises have long been part of the training of martial artists and those who want more muscular endurance.

Most people have the notion that bodyweight exercises can not build muscle or strength.

Bodyweight Exercises

The main problem is that most people think of bodyweight exercises as simply push ups and squats, such as Hindu squats.

However there are dozens and dozens of other exercises that can be extremely effective at increasing flexibility, strength, muscle, and endurance.

Making A Workout "Work"

If you are looking to start a new fitness program, I would suggest following a few simple exercises such as push ups, pull ups, and squats. This is just to get your body used to working its muscles. As you get up to about 15 reps in any exercise you should perform it in a different way or add resistance of some kind.

For example, start off with some regular old school push ups. Once you can do 15 or so, add some resistance. You can do this by adding weight to your back, buying a weighted vest, getting some resistance bands, switching to one armed push ups, doing them with your feet elevated, doing them with push up bars, with 1 hand on a medicine ball, doing plyometric push ups, or even with your hands or feet on a fitness ball. Clearly you have a lot of options, and you can do this with pretty much any part of your body.

Why Bodyweight Exercises Are Better Than Weight Lifting For Me

In my page about core exercises I talk about how your core is involved in pretty much every movement you make. Your core is one of the vital links of having a strong body because you are only as strong as your weakest link. Your arms might be strong, but if you have a weak core you probably can’t exercise your arms very well.

One of the main differences between weight lifting and bodyweight exercises is that when you exercise using your body, you usually do it in a way that uses your core much more to help stabilize yourself. This builds a tremendously strong core which helps you develop the other muscles of your body much easier.

I also think exercising using your body is better because you are doing it in a natural way. Many bodybuilding movements are 2 dimensional, meaning it is a straight line from start to finish. This does not allow the stabilizer muscles to work very much which is why a lot of movements do not carry over very well into real life activities. If you are going to lift weights, using free weights is definitely the way to go.

Do not rely on machines, ever. This type of exercising, in my opinion, is also a much more fun way to workout. What do you think is more fun, climbing ropes, or doing rows sitting on a bench? How about putting your feet in an ab wheel and walking on your hands instead of doing front raises? I think you will agree, the exercises on this website are a lot more fun than weight lifting.

One more reason that I like to exercise using my body is because it increases flexibility instead of decreasing it. For example, when doing a Hindu push up you are stretching your spine, legs, core, and arms while also exercising the muscles. The majority of free weight exercises ca not do this.

So in short, this type of fitness program is better for me because it hits on all the areas I want to hit. I want to be more flexible, have fun, and be able to use the strength I gain in real life situations.

It also helps that it is MUCH cheaper than going to the gym. If you are broke, you do not have to spend anything but your creativity. If you have a little more money, you can spend $200 or less and have a completely functional home gym that works every single muscle of your body and you never have to pay for a gym membership again.

No matter how you workout, I think you should use some of the movements from this website in your routine. It will help to mix things up a bit while also giving your muscles a different type of stimulation, which will cause them to grow and get stronger.

Using a variety of different types of exercise is a great way to keep your fitness program fun. I don't stick strictly to bodyweight exercises, and I do not think anybody else should have to either - unless they want to.

Do what you enjoy, it is as simple as that. After all, what good is working out if you can not enjoy it!


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