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Free Online Cardio Kick Boxing Class

This cardio kick boxing class online will help you learn the proper techniques of kick boxing so you can minimize injuries, obtain a better workout, as well as learn to punch and kick faster.

Since this is a page for beginners, I'm only going to include some basic moves you'll need to get a great workout.

Be sure to check out my kick-boxing page if you do not know the incredible cardiovascular and strength benefits of kick boxing.

Hopefully you will enjoy these kickboxing tutorials as much as i do.

Let's start..Below:

Kick Box - Petr Kotik
It is not a tutorial. The following 2 are. This is just a short 1 minute fun kickboxing clip showing Petr Kotik.

Below: Learn martial Arts online

Below: Basic kickboxing and boxing technique for beginners

That's a good start to put in a great workout. If you put combinations together with the punches and kicks you just watched you'll be sweating from head to toe.

Now that you have an idea of some techniques, it is time for you to start putting them to practice! You just went through a cardio kick boxing class in about 15 minutes.

You now have an incredible workout that you can do pretty much anywhere; although you would have to do the kicks very slowly so you do not injure your knee or lower back.

Don not forget to warm up before practicing. Have fun Kick Boxing. A great martial art indeed.

Muay Thai - Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing is a Thai martial art which came into existence in the 15th and 16th century in Thailand (Thailand, Pattaya is my favorite place to visit).Known in the west as kickboxing because it involves kicking. Feet, fists, elbows and knees are also used.

Khanom Dtom was a prisoner of war during the Ayuthaya period. Khanom Dtom was released after defeating 10 Burmese soldiers in hand to hand fighting.

Today there are Muay Thai or Kick Boxing schools all over the world. Thai Boxers and their trainers have a very close relationship. The boxers have great respect for their trainers and show their respect by performing a boxing dance before every fight in the ring.

The dance is performed in honor of the trainer. The dance usually takes about 5 minutes and is accompanied by music from the Pii instrument. Each boxer developes his own dance moves.

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