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The Lost Art Of Climbing Ropes
Rope Climbing Exercises

Back in the early to mid 1900's, climbing ropes was an exercise that many participated in and grew tremendous strength and agility from.

Unfortunately, not very many people today still practice it - except for those individuals who know how valuable and fun of a workout it is.

The Benefits Of Climbing Ropes

Not even counting how fun rope climbing is, the benefits are truly amazing. For one, your body has probably never experienced anything like it before.

So when you first try it you should take it easy because I guarantee you'll be sore.

Since this is a pure bodyweight exercise, you will be pulling up the exact amount of weight that you weigh.

If you weigh 175 pounds, you will be pulling 175 pounds with just your arms and back (unless you use your feet - more on that later). This is one of the best back exercises known and will develop biceps of steel as well.

You will also be using your core muscles to stabilize yourself, and your shoulder muscles get involved as well because they act as stabilizers as well.

One part of your body that gets an incredible workout that you wouldn't really think of is your forearm and hands. Since you need to squeeze the rope as hard as you can so you don't fall, your hands and forearms get probably the best workout they can possibly get. When I first tried climbing the rope I have I was amazed at how sore my forearms were the next day.

Why I Love Climbing Ropes

Rope climbing is a great exercise because anybody can do it. If you don't have the strength to pull yourself up the rope without feet, you can use your feet to stabilize yourself and push you up easier like it's taught in the army.

You can also do things like timed-hangs, leg raises, weighted rope climbing, pull ups, and so many other exercises!

I love this exercise because it's a very challenging exercise. When exercising it's easy to give up on a workout because there are no consequences if you do. However with rope climbing, if you give up at the top you're going to fall to the ground, so it teaches you to keep going until you're done.

It isn't for the faint-hearted. It's for those who are truly serious about getting in shape and want to have a great time doing it.

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