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Examples Of Isometric Exercises?

The examples of isometric exercises below are out of Paul Obrien's E-book and published here with Paul's permission.

His E-book is simply amazing and has changed the way I work out. I did not think that there was something so revolutionary and simple until I studied Paul Obrien's E-book. 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body.

Isometric exercises are done for 7-12 seconds. That's it! Remember intensity of an exercise is more important than length or repetition.

You will get out of it as much as you put into it.

With 10 minute a day doing the isometric exercises taught by Paul in his E-book you will see better results than with a 1-2 hour daily work out.

Here Is What Isometric Neck Exercises Will Do For You :

  • Build a Strong, Firm and thick Neck-Ideal for Wrestlers and Martial Artists
  • Improve Blood Flow to the Brain
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury and Illness
  • Increase Mobility and Ease of Movement
  • Reduce Pain and Strain of the Neck
  • Reduce Tension Headaches and Migraines
  • Dramatically Improve Your Posture
  • Increase Your Energy Levels
  • Sleep better
  • and much more.....

Isometric Neck Exercise :

1. Stand tall and straight with your feet hip distance apart and your toes pointing forwards.

2. Keep your knees soft, that is slightly bent, and your abs tucked in tight.

3. Tilt your head straight back as far you can.

4. Interlock your fingers and place your hands on your forehead.

5. Slowly try to bring your head forward as though trying to touch your chest with your chin, and resist with your hands and arms.

6. Build tension in your neck muscles as you breathe in for 3-4 seconds.

7. Tense your neck completely and push your head forward to your chest as hard as you can while resisting with your arms and breathing out in a "SSSS" sound for 7-12 seconds.

8. Slowly relax and lower your body as you breath in gently for 3-4 seconds.

More examples of isometric exercises and isometric contraction..

After doing this isometric neck exercise several times and you have gotten used to the exercise you may want to vary the position. You may want to try it with your head straight and upright and then again with your chin nearly touching your chest. Take 10 deep breaths in between each of those exercises.

The neck exercises are very useful for martial artists, wrestlers and a strong neck is definitely needed for boxing as well.

If you are serious about developing your muscles and becoming strong take a look at Paul's videos. This guy has developed a super human strength which he demonstrates in his videos.

He re-discovered the old strong men's secret. He learned and improved upon isometrics as taught by "the father of isometrics" Alexander Zass and others like Maxick, Mike Marvel and Vic Obeck who wrote the book "How to exercise without moving a muscle.

Isometric exercises are also the perfect solution for people working at a desk. I am a fan of bodyweight exercises and working out without the use of equipment and adding isometrics to my daily routine has made fitness fun, which is my goal with this web site.

Making fitness fun and enjoyable.

strong in seven seconds
Visit Paul O'Brien's Web Site and videos of isometric exercises

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