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Get Exercise At Your Desk
Use An Exercise Ball Chair In Your Office

exercise ball If you aren't using an exercise ball chair, you're missing out on some tremendous benefits.

It's a great way to improve many health problems, lose weight, stay flexibility and agile, and many other benefits that I'll talk about in the following article.

If you suffer from back problems, neck problems, or even hip problems, purchasing and using an exercise ball chair in place of your regular old office chair might just be the solution for you.

So how exactly does using an exercise ball as a chair help your body in these various ways?

You Can Lose Weight

Normally when you sit in a chair, almost your entire body is supported by the chair. This means that your muscles really have nothing to do besides just relax and sit there.

However, when you sit on an exercise ball chair it causes your entire core and upper body stabilizers to activate.

What do you think happens when almost half the muscles in your body are being activated for hours on end?

You use more energy, and that means you lose weight!

Another way you lose weight is because you'll be moving your body around much more often.

First of all, you'll probably want to move around a bit. For some reason it's just fun to do it.

Plus everytime you switch positions you'll force your muscles to work a little harder which is going to burn more calories.

I won't go into how many calories I believe you'd burn, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could lose at least 2-4 pounds in the first month if you stuck with it consistently.

You'll Strengthen Your Core Stabilizer Muscles

One of the most important, groups of muscles in your body is your core. Your core consists mainly of your abdominals and your lower back.

The stabilizer muscles in this region are extremely important because they help tremendously with balance and coordination when using the other muscles in your body.

By using an exercise ball chair, you force these muscles to strengthen so they can keep up with the pressures you're now putting on them.

This in turn means that your core will become much more strong which improves your posture tremendously, which is the next subject.

You Improve Your Posture

So what is so good about having a good posture?

Well, your spinal cord is considered the "powerhouse" when it comes to giving you energy. If you have a stiff and inflexible back you likely have hardly any energy in your body. However, strengthen those muscles and place your spine in it's proper position and your energy will go through the roof.

You'll also stand up straighter which will get rid of the "rounded shoulders" look, and make you look taller, as well as more broad.

It's A Lot Of Fun!

Sitting on an exercise ball chair is actually a lot of fun if you have any sense of humor at all.

I noticed when I first got mine that I seemed to kind of "bounce around" quite a bit.

For some reason you just want to start making circles with your hips or rock yourself back and forth.

And you might even bounce up and down on it!

I tell you what - it's a lot better than sitting on a boring old chair that costs 10x as much.

It's Cheap!

Exercise balls are very cheap to buy. You can get a high quality ball for well under $20 that will last for a long time.

Where else can you buy something that's incredibly fun, strengthens one of the most important places in your body, and gives you more energy for well under $20?

Imagine a time about a month from now. Your back is flexible and pain-free, you have more energy than ever, and your pants feel just a little more loose.

Want that feeling?

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