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Exercise Too Much?
Too Much Training?

Most people these days do not exercise too much but too little.

There are indeed people who exercise too much. Exercise can become an addiction. There are people who are workaholics too. I knew a middle aged guy who worked 10-12 hours in construction as a carpenter and after work he went to the gym to play basket ball every night for 2 hours.

He would get up at 4 o'clock in the morning and run every day 2 hours before he went to work. I was always amazed how he would do that and thought to myself that it is way too much for the body. The body needs rest sometimes and overtraining can lead to injury.

You can't tell anybody what to do, but I thought to myself that a different kind of sport would probably have been healthier for him. Carpentry is a very physical job in itself and I would believe that stretching, isometric exercises, yoga or some other form of exercise or discipline would have been better for his body after a day of lifting heavy building materials.

Compulsive Exercise

There is small number of athletes that are "compulsive exercisers". They are addicted to exercising and their life is organized around exercise and not the other way around. I am not a doctor and can't give medical advice, but I would recommend rest and relaxation. Take a vacation. Over exercising can lead to injury, exhaustion and even depression in some individuals.

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