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Fun Fitness Ball Exercises
To Strengthen Your Core!

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Fitness ball exercises are a perfect compliment to some of the fun back exercises because they strengthen the abs as well as the back, also known as the "core".

In my opinion, fitness ball exercises should be a part of your abdominal routine because they not only offer benefits you can't get from ab exercises on the floor, but they're fun as well!

When using a fitness ball, the majority of people feel comfortable with balls that are either 55 or 65cm, and partially deflated.

As you advance and get more balanced, you can increase the inflation to make it more challenging.

Here are a few fitness ball exercises that are sure to give you a rock-hard midsection.

Plank On A Fitness Ball

- To do this, come to the ball like you were going to lay your stomach on it. Do this and then put your hands on the floor and walk on your hands until the ball reaches your upper thighs. Then simply hold the position and feel the burn in your abs.

As you progress, you can move the ball further down your leg until you can eventually do it on the tips of your feet.

Reverse Crunch

- Get into the same position as the last exercise, but instead of holding the position you press your knees into the ball as you bring your knees (and the ball) towards your chest.

Do this exercise only after you've mastered the plank

The Upside-Down Superman

- This is a great exercise to challenge your friends to (just make sure you practice it a lot before they come over so you win).

To do this, lie on your back on the fitness ball. With this exercise you're going to try and balance so their's really no right way to do it. Just try to bring your arms and legs off the ground and balance on the ball so only your lower/mid back is touching it. If it helps, you can use your arms to re-balance yourself.
When you re-balance yourself by touching your arms or legs on the floor, try to make it as quick as possible. The more your limbs touch the floor, the less time you're actually balancing.

This one takes a little while to get used to so don't get discouraged if you don't have good balance in the beginning.

By the way, I just named that one myself. I've never heard anybody mention that exercise so as far as I know, I made it up. Who knows?

Ball Kneeling

This is another balancing act that works the stabilizer muscles in your abs and core.

Walk up to the ball, place one knee on it to get balance, then place the other knee on it. Keep balanced for as long as possible. This one also takes some getting used to, so again don't get discouraged.

Abdominal Ball Rotation

- Lie on your back and put the ball in between your knees. Raise your legs in the air (with the ball still in between your knees) and move your right knee towards the ground. Then bring it back up and do the same with your left knee.

When doing this exercise, try not to move your body. Focus on pulling your abdominals toward your spine and twist the ball with your obliques and hips only. It's very important to focus on your abdominals while doing this exercise. Use them to do the work.

So now you have 5 great fitness ball exercises that are sure to tighten up your stomach and help you develop a pair of 6 pack abs. Although I wouldn't recommend using only fitness ball exercises for your abdominals, they're great for increasing stability so at least 1 of the exercises should be included in your routine.

If you'd like to see a sample work I've made up, visit my exercise ball workout page.

Mix it up, have fun, and get fit.



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