Fun Fitness Books

Get Fit While you Sit

By Charlene Torkelson

This exercise book is for people who work at a desk travel or have a difficult time standing balancing or walking such as people with physical or medical limitations. All that is needed is a chair and a couple of light weight barbells. As an example here are two Isometric Exercises:


Stomach Isometrics:

“Sit in a relaxed position in the chair with your feet on the floor, making sure your waist or back does not collapse or arch. Count to 10. On each count, pull in and tightenen your stomach muscles, then relax them again.  When you reach 10, hold in an extra count before releasing.  This exercise is great because the muscles in your stomach contract in the same way as they do during a sit-up.  You should exhale while contracting your muscles, and inhale during the release.


This exercise can also be done anywhere. It is great because most people don’t pull in their stomach muscles when doing any exercises.  It is also amazing to see the stomach muscles working while the rest of the body is relatively still and inactive.”


Isometric Thigh Closes (The Clam)


“Place your feet together and let your knees separate like a clam shell that is opening.  Now place your hands on the inside of each knee and as you try to close your knees, use your hands to try to keep them apart.  Count up to 5.  If your knees and your hands are pushing at the same time with the same amount of pressure, your position should not change. Repeat to another count of 5. Later lengthen the amount of time you do this press.


This exercise can be done anywhere and at any time.  It works on the principle of isometrics, or of one force working against another.  So not only will the inner thighs be strengthened but also the arms will benefit.  Always remember to breathe while doing this isometric exercise.”


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 One of the things I love about this book are all of the exercise charts in the back that refer back to the correct page in the book.