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Fitness Charts Can Propel Your Training To New Levels

When I began keeping fitness charts, my progress went through the roof.

Being able to see how I was progressing in my fitness levels was very motivating in itself, and it allowed me to look back on previous workouts so I could then improve on them.

Fitness training is all about progression. If you don't progress in your lifts, you don't get stronger or bigger - it's as simple as that.

In order for a muscle to grow and get stronger, it needs a stimulus that it isn't used to. Whether it's a harder exercise, more reps, more resistance, or even if it's just performed slower or faster, it doesn't matter. Muscles can adapt to a stimulus very quickly, usually within a month or so.

You Can Tell Who Uses Workout Charts

When I used to go to the gym, I noticed that a lot of the people there worked out with their heads in the clouds. They would talk on cell phones in between sets, hit on the girls in the room, or talk with each other. From what I can remember only 1 other person besides me kept a journal, which is pretty much the same thing as a chart.

This guy went in, did a quick, hardcore workout, and left. He wrote down all of his lifts and kept focused. He was also the biggest guy in the room.

When you don't use a workout chart, journal, or whatever else you use to track your progress, you're working out blindly.

What Should Be In Your Fitness Charts?

This same information goes whether you're keeping a journal, made up your own charts, have a chart on your computer, or any other way you're keeping track of your progress. Your Journal Or Chart Should Include The Following Information :
  • Date
  • The Exercises You Perform
  • What Exercise You Did 1st, 2nd, etc.
  • How Many Reps
  • How Much Weight
  • How You Feel That Day
  • Amount Of Rest Time
  • How Long It Takes To Perform The Exercise
Note - For that last one which is optional, that's really only if you're trying to put more intensity in the workout by doing the exercises faster. For example, if one part of your workout is to hit the punching bag 200 times, you would keep track of how long it took to do that the first time, then try to beat that time.

The way mine is set up goes like this. I open it with an excel worksheet. I then have the date (e.i. Saturday 5th) going along the top. On the sides, I have a list of all the exercises I do. Then, after I complete an exercise I just mark off what I did on the fitness chart. Also, you can double-click the tabs on the bottom to name them whatever month it is. It's as easy as that!

Having a way to keep track of your progress is a surprisingly easy way to increase your current fitness levels. Without using fitness workout charts you'll never be able to push yourself and therefore you won't get much stronger or bigger.

I suggest making a new chart every month on your computer (excel sheet). Perform an exercise routine for 1 month and then change it for the next month. This is a great way to stop complacency dead in its tracks and move your way to amazing fitness levels.



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