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Fitness Tips for Teens
Turn The TV Off!

Giving Fitness Tips for Teens these days is like teaching an old dog to learn new tricks.

Technology is taking over. Computer games, TV, play station, cell phones. It is driving parents crazy but I see a lot of parents who are not the best ideals.

I have seen statistics that claim that teens in most western countries watch 6-8 hours of TV a day. A day!.....and who knows what they watch when nobody is watching. This is out of control. We need to do something.

Below are a few things that I learned that will excite, motivate and is fun for teens.

Fitness Tips for Teens

  • Juggling
    Every time I get my juggling balls or clubs out Teens and kids love it. They want to do it too. It looks fun. It is fun. This may require that you know how to juggle and make it look easy. I have had teens that picked up the balls and wouldn't stop trying for 2 hours.
  • Swimming
    I used to have a hard time to get my son to the pool (at the Gym). He always needed a friend to go with him and still sometimes I had to drag him to the gym pool. Once they are in the water they won't stop playing, swimming and moving. Teach them how to swim. Play games in the pool. Diving games are fun.
  • Riding a Bicycle
    There is hardly any teen I ever met who doesn't enjoy riding a bicycle. Take the kids to a place with little or no traffic and ride the bike! Ride the bikes in the woods, in a park or anywhere in nature.
  • Cooking
    Cooking? Yes, cooking. There is no balanced healthy lifestyle without eating good and right. Eating and nutrition should be part of any fitness plan Teen or not. Cooking is fun anyways. Eating good food together is fun. Too many teens are fat today. Learn about Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.
  • Skateboarding
    Skateboarding is great for some teens especially boys. Buy them a skateboard and go to the skateboard park. It's a dangerous sport but it certainly keep the kids fit and in shape.

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