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The Hindu Pushup

The Hindu pushup is one of the few chest exercises that can produce many benefits in one exercise.

I came across this particular exercise when I read "Combat Conditioning" by Matt Furey.

With this exercise I gained considerable flexibility, strength, and endurance in my upper body - specifically my chest and shoulders. While I do not do this exercise on a consistent basis, it's still one that I will throw into the bunch here and there just for a little variety.

As with the Hindu Squat, this also came from Indian wrestlers who were looking to develop more strength and endurance. What they didn't count on was the great flexibility they'd gain in their shoulders, spine, and hips. Also, if you learn to breath properly during this exercise you can build tremendous lung power and mental toughness.

If you experience pain in the shoulders while doing this, try getting some resistance bands to build your shoulder strength from all angles.

Performing a Hindu Pushup

1.) Put your hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart.

2.) Put your feet on the floor and position your head so you're looking back at your heels. Your legs should be in a wide-stance.

3.) Bend your elbows and bring your head in a circular arc down towards the ground. As you're nearing the ground, start to reverse the motion so you're coming back up.

4.) Just as your start to come up, inhale deeply. Your head should now be pointed towards the ceiling.

5.) Once you fully extend your arms, push back towards the starting position, exhaling as you go.

...And that's it! If you haven't done these before, you will see that you can feel the burn within a few reps. Even if you are a strong person you might still have trouble with these once you get past 20 or so because they require tremendous strength endurance.

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