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Hindu Squat
Hindu Squat For Leg And Lung Power!

The Hindu squat has been around for centuries, but is finally finding their way back into the world of fitness.

They are a great test of fitness in both your muscles and your lungs, and can help you develop a rock solid concentration that will help you with virtually every exercise you do.

The Hindusquat originates from Indian wrestlers and athletes trying to build up their leg strength and endurance, and they have recently been made much more popular by a man named Matt Furey.

Some of the controversy surrounding this exercise is that they supposedly place more stress on the knees than is necessary, due to the fact that you perform them on the front of your feet which makes your knees come over your feet. Some people say this places unnecessary stress on the knees while others say it helps strengthen the ligaments in the knees. In my opinion, if it is comfortable to you and you do not feel pain in your knees, keep doing them. If you feel pain, try the flat footed version instead or talk to your doctor.

To perform a Hindusquat you stand with your arms straight out in front of you. Then simultaneously bring your arms inwards (pretend you are doing a row) as you place the weight on the front of your foot, and squat. You should also take a breath as you are bringing your arms in. Once you hit the bottom of the motion, push your feet into the ground as you swing your arms back up into the air and let out a big breath as you come on. Then repeat the process as many times as possible.

Again, if you have knee problems you might want to either do it flat footed or talk to your doctor first. Perform it slow to see how your body reacts. These are a great exercise that can be wonderful time saver in you are in a hurry and want to get a quick workout in. Doing 100 straight repetitions is a workout in itself.

The highest number I have ever heard of anybody perform these was 9,001 by a legendary wrestler named Karl Gotch. He did the 9,001 because somebody did 9,000 and he wanted to have the highest number. It took him 4.5 hours to finish it. Talk about pure concentration and amazing mind over matter power!

A good way to progress with this exercise is to simply add 2 more each time you do them. If you do them twice a week, that is 204 extra repetitions, per workout, per year. Not too shabby in my opinion!

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