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Is A Home Fitness Workout Better Than The Gym ?

As you know, I'm a huge fan of doing a home fitness workout over taking a long trip to the gym any day.

There's just something about working out at home that makes it much more comfortable for me. I really don't enjoy working out with sweaty old men breathing down my neck, waiting for the next machine to be open.

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But obviously everybody is different, which is why millions of Americans are still going to gyms daily. I have no right to say that one place is better than the next.

However, I can say that in my opinion, I believe doing a home fitness workout can be much more effective than doing the same thing at a gym.

Here are my reasons:

  • It Saves Time - Obviously you'll spend no time driving to a gym. But you'll also spend less time chit-chatting to your workout buddy, helping you shave more time off your workout than you'd think.
  • No Waiting For Machines - By working out at home you won't have anybody to compete with. You simply get down, do your workout, and it's over with. No more sweaty machines and dumbbells that you need to wipe down so you don't get some gross skin disease that the smelly guy across the gym had.
  • More Focus - Think of the last time you went to the gym. Odds are, you were distracted quite often. In fact, you're probably so distracted by people around you or the TV playing that you go through your workouts in a complete haze! Being focused is a huge part to fitness success and sadly much is lost in gyms.
  • You Save Money - No more $35-50 per month for a membership. No more gas money. You can literally spend no money to get a great workout. On the other hand, save up 6 months worth of gym membership ($210-300) and you can buy everything you'll ever need for an amazing home fitness workout. You probably won't even need that much.
  • No Intimidation - Being the "newbie" at a gym is no fun thing to do. You walk in and are surrounded by bulky men and perfectly shaped women. To a beginner, it's very daunting. It's also horrible for self-esteem, and leads you to worry more than exercise.
  • More Variety - By working out at home, you can exercise every single muscle that the gym can. However, you can also go outside for an even bigger variety of exercises and make it much more fun and interesting!

There are probably even more reasons to switch from a gym to your own comfortable house, but I think you get the idea.

I love working out at my own house and I don't think I'll ever go back to the gym. I'd rather spend about $1,000 and build a shed that's specifically built to be my own gym!

I actually might have to do that someday.

Take a month off the gym, study this website for some great exercises you can do, and let me know how much more you love working out from home.

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