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How Does Stress Affect Health?

So, how does stress affect health?

Well, surprisingly stress affects your overall health in a good way as well in a bad way. We will start with the good.

How Does Stress Affect Health in A Good Way?

The stress response you feel is ultimately to help us survive. Back when humans did not have the technology we do now, we needed to stay alert and be ready at a moments notice to avoid danger. Unfortunately, some people living in bad parts of the world still need this, but for the most of us we're almost always out of harms way.

This good type of stress is part of the "fight or flight response" in which your body cranks up its production of chemicals and hormones, most notably adrenaline. Just think of the grandma who can suddenly lift up a car to save the life of a child. But what happens when you get too much of this stress for too long?

How Does Stress Affect Health Negatively?

Stress affects your overall health negatively, not just certain parts of it. What I mean is that it does not affect just one part of your health more than another, it is the combined affect on your entire body that makes you feel how you do when you are stressed out.

This negative type of stress is a result of having stress placed on our bodies or minds but not being able to get rid of it. Eventually it builds up and that is when we feel the affects. Unfortunately this happens with almost everybody today. The scary part is that stress is affecting our bodies a long time before we even feel it, just like being dehydrated.

Here Are A Few Symptoms of Stress :

  • Decreased Cognitive Abilities
  • Decreased Physical Fitness
  • Decreased Life Span
  • More Mood Problems
  • Problems Sleeping
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Upset Stomach
  • Chest Pains
  • Depression
  • Headaches
There are many more ways that stress affects health but these are the common experiences. If you can think of a negative symptom, stress is a culprit.

I know that when I get stressed I tend to get pains in my joints until I release it. However, everybody is different. It is important that you figure out what symptoms you get when stressed so you can then work to eliminate it. Luckily, fitness programs like the ones on this website are wonderful for blasting away stress.

So how does stress affect health? It affects every part of your health. That is why it is so important for you to stick to a regular fitness program, one that you find exhilarating. If you are working out just to do it but hate doing it, guess what? You are stressing yourself out!

Spend some time figuring out what stress symptoms you get, then read this website and pick a few exercises you think you would like. Then just stick to it and your stress will be much less than ever before.



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