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Isometric Exercises. Sculpt Your Body
Anywhere, Anytime

Don't have enough time in your daily life to workout?

Takes too much of your time and money to get to the Gym?

Do isometric exercises! No equipment needed...just your body. You have to do it in order to feel the improvement. It's only 7 seconds at a time.

What is isometric training and how will it benefit you?

Let's begin with the benefits of isometric exercises:

  • Isometrics workout can be done anytime, anywhere without exercise equipment!
  • takes 7 seconds....unbelievable?..try it and feel the results!
  • teaches you improved body awareness in seconds.
  • increases your strength.
Yes Isometrics will do all of that for you.

What is Isometric Training?

Isometrics is based on the principles of creating muscular tension while opposing the force of an immovable object or gravity. Both, Yoga and Pilates are based on the principles of Isometrics: holding your body in a static, neutral alignment with body positions of Your choice.

Studies have shown that that a 7 second muscle contraction increases your strength by about 5 percent. Google Dr. Theodore Hettinger and Dr. Eric A. Muller if you want to read more about it.

Let's get on with it!

Do a couple of examples of isometric exercises to understand the principle of Isometrics. Just do it! 7 second exercises.
  • Hold up your arm and tense your off your mount everest of muscles.
  • Hold an object like a book with an outstretched arm.
Simple principle.

The emphasis is not on frequency or repetition but the duration of the exercise. If you it for 7 seconds. The exercises should be between 6-10 seconds.

Once you get the idea of isometrics and understand isometric contraction it will become easy to do it in your daily life anywhere and anytime. These exercises can be done even if you work at a desk!

You will feel a tremendous change in your body awareness and your strength if you do this several times a day. If you are new to fitness or you are already on a workout plan...add Isometrics to your workout plan.

Isometric Muscle Contractions

Your body is equipped with antagonistic muscles (they oppose each other). To put isometrics into perspective try these.

There are 3 types of muscle contractions:

  • eccentric muscle contraction - the muscle fibers shorten
  • concentric muscle contraction - the muscle fibers lengthen
  • isometric muscle contraction - the muscles don't shorten or lengthen

Next time you pick something up...hold it for 7 seconds!

Become aware of your body and just hold it. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 seconds.

The key to any kind of fitness training, health, losing weight and changing habitual behaviour is to become aware of your body.

Yes, that includes eating habits, smoking habits, eating junk food habits and all other habits you want to change.

Want some easy examples of isometric exercises?

In The Office at Your Desk

Desk Hands Press Up:

Sit in front of the desk.
Back straight up.
shoulders pulled back.
abdominal muscles pulled in.

Place your hands under the bottom of the desk....palms side up.
Press hands upward against the desk with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.

Press for 7 seconds.

Desk Hands Press Down:

Sit in front of the desk.
Back straight up.
shoulders pulled back.
abdominal muscles pulled in.

Place your hands on the top of the desk with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.

Press for 7 seconds.

Looking for more examples of Isometric work out ?

Isometric exercises and training are a great way of improving your health, changing your habits and sculpt your body the way you want it.

Try it for a few days and let me know how it improves your body awareness which is the first step to improving your health.
Within the next month this page will be updated with images and other easy isometric exercises that will hopefully help you. Until then remember the 7 seconds.

strong in seven seconds
For examples of isometric exercises take a look at Paul O'Brien's Web Site.

It's a very interesting Web Site.

Watch his videos where he shows his strength that he built doing isometrics.

7 Seconds exercises. Amazing.

Read my review of Paul's isometric training e-book here.


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