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Isometric Muscle Contraction
Muscle Growth

So how exactly does an isometric muscle contraction stimulate muscle growth?

Isometric Muscle Contraction

A muscle will grow when it is stimulated. We all know the old saying:"If you don't lose it you will lose it. If you have ever been sick and spend weeks or even just days in bed you will know how true that is when we are talking about muscles.

Stimulation of muscles and muscle growth can be achieved in different ways; repetitious weight lifting, repetitions of a get the picture.

Isometric Muscle Contraction

An Isometrics muscle contraction is a little different from what you may be used to if you are lifting weights or do bodyweight exercises. Isometrics are done in a static position and not in a dynamic (like a range of movement).

A simple example of an isometric exercises/contraction would be to put your hands on the desk in front of you and press your hands down.

This isometrics muscle contraction is not done through a range of movements but in a static position. Isometrics is based on the principles of creating muscular tension while opposing the force of an immovable object or gravity.

Isometrics is done with maximum intensity rather than repetitious movements. Maximum exhaustion of the muscle fibers for a prolonged period of time - most isometrics exercises are done for 7-12 seconds.

This exhaustion or rather said the relaxation after the contraction increases blood flow to the muscles which equals more nutrition and energy uptake which in turn increases the muscle mass.

Isometrics by Maxick

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