Isometric Training E-book with Pictures
7 Seconds To A Perfect Body Review

Discover Isometric Training and how 7 Seconds to a perfect body works..

Too good to be true, right? I agree...but it works.

7_secondsThe duration of the isometric exercises as taught by Paul O'Brien is 7 seconds.

It makes sense once you understand the concept. Once you feel the change you know it works.

Why Did I Want To Know About Isometrics?

I read some of Paul O'Brien's forum posts about isometrics and watched some of his videos and I was amazed about the strength he built with Isometrics, Isometric training and exercises.

Long Story Short!

I bought his E-book and Here Is My Review.

I didn't just review the E-book, watched the videos and looked at the pictures. I am and have been doing the Isometric exercises as taught by Paul in his E-book. I can do these exercises almost anywhere and anytime!  One of the best things is that he has and is doing what he teaches and I want to be taught by someone who walks his talk.

Let me begin with the content of the E-book.

What's in the E-book?

- Introduction

- 46 chapters

- 4 bonus chapters

- How to exercise without moving a muscle by Vic 0'beck '1965'

- Dynaflex- by Mike Marvel -10 minute a day method-

- Muscle control- by Maxick with a foreword by Paul O'Brien

- Physiology of strength- by Theodor Hettinger M.D '1961'

- Video Clips of Paul demonstrating the exercises

The E-book is easy to navigate and it's nicely laid out with great illustrations, images and videos. On the right site of the e-book you have images of Paul demonstrating the exercises while you read about them.

Paul's videos throughout the E-book are very motivating.

I have to admit that I was a little surprised about typos in the first couple of chapters. Later on Paul must have learned how to use a spell check :)
He is a personal trainer and not a typist. Paul is an excellent personal trainer and he mastered the art of online training which shows in his E-book.

Paul uses many illustrations of muscles and references to the "inventors" of isometrics which turns this e-book into an isometric training camp and Physiology class room. Even though I have more than a basic understanding of Physiology I learned a lot from the illustrations and his teachings.

7_secondsThis is a screenshot of one of the pages in the book. Paul is demonstrating his arm strength. Pressing his 156 lbs cousin over head with just one arm. He lifts him right out of his shoes.

Already heard about this amazing E-book and want to see more? let me see the E-book!..and the Videos.
...or read on.

In The Introduction
He explains how to use the e-book and shares his isometric training schedule and advice on nutrition. He then moves on to explaining what isometric training is and how isometrics stimulates muscle growth.

In Chapter 3
He teaches isometric power breathing which he demonstrates also in a video clip. Up to this point isometrics reminded me of Yoga and there are similarities. How ever when he moves on to teaching isometric neck exercises in Chapter 4, I started to understand what isometrics is and what the importance is of muscle contraction.


This page focuses on four major muscle groups. The Deltoids, the triceps, the biceps and the forearms. The image shows the highly developed shoulders and biceps of Maxick.

The sequence of his exercises makes a lot of sense...especially when you actually do the exercises and feel the change in your posture. You feel strong and your confidence grows.

And yes with isometrics you will stimulate muscle growth and feel good about yourself. Weight loss is incidental when you do isometric training.

After 4 chapters of neck exercises Paul moves on to back exercises in chapter 8. He teaches why a strong back is vital to your health and demonstrates the exercises.

Here again the E-book has excellent illustrations of the back muscles. The images are helpful in understanding which muscles are being trained during the exercises.

He also addresses back pain and what you can do to relief yourself of back pain and discomfort.

7_secondsPaul addresses Back pain and what you can do to relief yourself of back pain and discomfort. I love the helpful illustrations in the E-book.

He must have met many people with back pain during his time as a personal trainer.

In chapter 13 following 4 chapters of back exercises which Paul is demonstrating as well..... He moves on to leg exercises.

In chapter 16 you will start isometric training of the Chest. Again the E-book has great illustrations and a video of the exercises. You will learn scientific and proven methods on developing wide, thick and powerful Pecs.

In a video Paul performs an isometric bench-press and lifts 400 lbs which is more than twice his bodyweight!

I love the images of the father of isometrics "Alexander Zass" on these pages. The images of Alexander Zass snapping chains around his chest or catching a woman fired from a canon are great.

I read enough let me see the E-book!..and the Videos.
...or read on.

Quick Review Of The Remainder Of The E-book:

  • Chapter 22-25- Paul teaches isometric Abs exercises.
  • Chapter 26-29- isometric arm exercises.
  • Chapter 30- shoulder exercises. Paul and his friend Ray demonstrate the exercises.
  • Chapter 31- terrific triceps exercises
  • Chapter 32- bicep exercises
  • Chapter 33- forearm exercises
  • Chapter 34- Maxick's arm exercises
  • Chapter 35- thigh exercises

The Final Chapters Include;

  • Understanding the anatomy of terrific thighs
  • Legendary legs
  • Abductor exercises
  • Quadriceps exercises
  • Hamstring exercises
  • Training the calves
  • ..and then Paul finishes the E-book with advice on diet and nutrition

All of the chapters include several exercises for each group of muscles, images and videos.

You will learn an entirely new way to training your body

From the best Isometric abs exercises, isometric power breathing to advice on's all in 7 Seconds To A Perfect Body.

If you buy one book this year, make it this one. It was definitely money well spent for me.

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