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Isometric Weight Loss

There is no so-called isometric weight loss. Isometrics is explained in the isometric articles at the bottom of this page.

Simple Not Easy

Weight loss however is really simple yet not easy for many who are over weight. Who is trying to lose weight? People who are overweight.

Weight Loss

If losing weight would be easy there wouldn't be more people who are over weight and people do get fatter everywhere. There is no magic wand or a super pill that will make someone lose weight on Monday next month for the trip to the beach.

There is No Magic

There is no drink, no pill, no magic shake that will do that, but there are armies of companies that will sell all that and more and nothing ever works. Weight loss takes a change of diet, exercising, patience, wanting to lose weight permanently and a desire to change ones lifestyle.

It seems to be so simple. Eat healthy nutritious food (and less for many), exercise and live a balanced lifestyle.

I know most will find this page when searching for isometric weight loss but there is no such thing, but isometrics has many health benefits and a well balanced diet, a diet plan and healthy nutritious meals will help to achieve a vibrant healthy lifestyle.

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