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Jump Rope Tricks And Games For Young Students

by Michael Briones

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart

Instead of jump rope tricks on the BINGO cards, have math problems, etc.

Students answer and then go to signs on the walls with various tricks on them according to number. They then complete that trick.

You could also put signs around the gymnasium lettered with each of the letters of the word BINGO. Each letter sign would have a different group of skills. As they complete the problems they go and complete the number of jumps for one of the "B" skills if that is the column the problem is in.

If they are successful they get a witness to sign off on the card as the students try to get a BINGO. The students will stand holding on to the rope with one student at each handle and two holding on somewhere along the length of the rope.

When the number "one" is called, the students will keep holding on to the rope and move about general space without touching or interfering with any of the other ropes.

When the number "two" is called, the two students holding the handle will turn the handle and the other students will enter the rope and jump. When the number "three" is called, the turners become jumpers and the jumpers become turners and they do number "two" in the new order.

The number "four" can be any of several options, including student lead. Some examples are: --the two jumpers run a figure eight pattern in and out of the rope and around the turners.

This helps prepare the students for double dutch.

The jumpers move carefully from rope to rope until "one" is called again at which time they join the closest rope - the turners and jumpers work on a handle exchange and perform this continuously - two groups join together and practice egg beater or double dutch .

Ask the students for ideas and then tell them that they can choose any of these.

Image courtesy of Jump Rope For Heart Foundation at flickr.

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Jump Rope Tricks And Games For Young Students

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Great Jump Rope Tricks
by: Erika

Thank you for these Jump Rope Tricks ans games. I am a teacher in Germany and came across your submission.

I will make sure to make use of your games.

thank you

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