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Kick Boxing One of The Most Effective
And Most Fun Workouts Ever!

If you are looking for a quick, fun, amazingly effective workout, look no further than kick boxing.

When it comes to my all-time favorite workout, it has to be kick boxing.

Kick Boxing

It is quick, burns tons of calories, works every single muscle in your body, and will even help you defend yourself if you ever get in a bad situation!

How I Got Into It

Ever since I saw the movie "Rocky" I have loved boxing. Me and my best friend growing up used to box each other with no gloves (no head shots though) until we were so black and blue in our arms and torso that we could hardly move.

So I bought a punching bag and had at it. After awhile, I wanted to start boxing other people so my friend and I who practiced taekwondo had a little boxing match. I put my head gear on and let him try to punch me, while I learned how to evade punches. He hit me a few times and I got a little dizzy, but I was alright.

Next was my turn. I tried hitting him but he was way too fast for me, since he had a lot of experience in sparring. However, I tried throwing a left jab and missed, but I came right back with a right cross and ended up making his nose bleed. And that is how I got started with boxing.

From there, that same friend showed me a few kicks, and I then started to love kick boxing, which I have been doing off-and-on ever since.

Why Is Kick Boxing So Effective At Fat Burning?

The reason it's so effective at burning fat is because it's a full-body exercise. By punching, you're utilizing your entire arm, legs, back, and torso. By kicking, you're using your legs, enhancing balance and coordination even more than punching, and using your torso and even your arms as well. When doing your footwork and learning to duck and dodge, you are again using all the muscles in your body.

For a great page that shows you the exact techniques to use when kickboxing, visit my cardio kick boxing class page.

It is amazing how quickly you will get out of breath when you first start to kick box. By using all of your muscles in any type of workout, it makes a type of "synergy" within your body and produces more muscle building and fat burning chemicals. This is why full-body workouts are so effective.

Why Kick Boxing Is So Fun

To me it's very fun because it's so different than any other type of exercise. Even when doing an exercise like tae-bo, you do not get to hit anything. Although I have learned to live a pretty stress-free life, kick boxing is an amazing way to relive some stress. Since stress can affect overall health and is not just a feeling you get, it should be very important to you that you eliminate it as much as possible.

It is also fun because there are so many different ways to do it. You can shadow kick box (with no bag - like Tae Bo), you can spar with another person, you can buy various bags and accessories to use to increase punch/kick power and speed, and you vary the length and intensity of your workout very easily. The options are pretty much limitless. Also, one of the best benefits is that you can do it virtually anywhere. What does that mean? No more excuses!

Pre-Cautions You Should Take

Although this is one of the most effective and fun workouts I know of, if you do not realize the dangers you might be headed for injury.

The most common problems people following this type of exercise program exercise is hurting their wrist, twisting their knees, and trunk injuries (lower back mostly). However, these injuries can be largely reduced by following a few simple practices before and after exercising:

  • Do A Thorough Fitness Warm Up
  • Start Slow And Work Up To Full Speed
  • If You are Out Of Shape, Start Very Slow!
  • Don't Punch Or Kick As Hard As You Can (Unless You're Advanced)
  • Do not Fully Extend Your Arms Or Legs
  • Do Interval Training To Let Your Body Rest (3 minutes box, 1 minute rest)
  • Stretch When Your Done While Your Muscles Are Warm
By following the guidelines above, you will largely reduce the risk of injuring yourself when attempting to do this exercise. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me.

Until then, try it out and see how amazing of a workout it is. Just be sure to start slowly, especially when kicking.


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