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Fun Leg Exercises To Spice Up Your Workout
No Equipment Needed!

Unfortunately, leg exercises are a commonly neglected part of a fitness program.

The reason for this is because people train to look good instead of to be healthy or having the ability to use their strength in their daily lives. Most people don't look at legs and comment on how nice they look, so they don't think training them is necessary.

Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should perform leg exercises.

By strengthening your legs:

- you can carry your weight much easier

- put less stress on your lower body joints

- and you also produce much more human growth hormone which leads to more muscle throughout your entire body.

Some people have trouble with leg exercises because they have bad knees, so I will try to include some ways to improve your leg fitness without putting much stress on the knees.

Here are a list of some of my favorite leg exercises.

  • Hindu Squats - This is a great exercise for building leg strength and muscle endurance. It is also amazing for lung power.
  • Vertical Leaps - This is another great exercise for lung power as well as calf and whole leg power. To do this, put your weight on the balls of your feet and simultaneously swing your arms upwards as you jump as high as you can. Try to land on the same spot of your feet and swing you arms in the opposite direction. As your arms swing back towards the front again, take another jump. This takes a few tries to get the timing right, but it is a wonderful exercise.
  • 1 Legged Squats - After you can perform about 75 or so Hindu squats or regular bodyweight squats, try these out. Stand erect and come down to the floor with 1 leg. As you are coming down, extend the opposite leg straight out. Pretend like you are pushing your leg through the floor to get enough power to push yourself back up and repeat with the other leg. If you don't have the leg strength or balance to do this, try putting the unused leg behind the 1 you're standing on (i.e. your right ankle should touch your left Achilles Tendon) - it helps with balance and makes it much easier.
  • Hill Sprints - These are unbelievably taxing and an absolutely incredible workout. When first starting only do 1 or 2 sprints because I guarantee you'll be sore the next day. These are great because you aren't running very fast which lessens your chance of injury, plus your legs and swinging arms work extremely hard, giving you one of the best workouts possible. Warm up well and simply find a hill, and sprint!
  • Stationary Bicycle Sprints - This is similar to a hill sprint except you won't be using your arms and it's easier. Instead of taking a "cycling class" just press start on a stopwatch and pedal as fast as possible for as long as you can. Make sure to record the time, and try to add 1-2 seconds per week. After a few months you'll have lungs of steel. You can also ride a bike for distance which is better if you want to increase your endurance. Check out cycling fitness center if that's what your goals are.
  • Climbing Stairs - Talk about leg exercises that anybody can do, yet can propel you to amazing fitness levels. This is it! There are many options to doing this. You can simply walk up and down your steps, do the same at a stadium with bleachers, or jog the bleachers, sprint the bleachers, hit every step, every other step, every 2 steps, or even go on 1 foot! This is one of the leg exercises that anybody from a complete beginner to a highly fit person can do.
  • Wall Sit - This one will build great leg endurance while building some great mental strength. To do it, lean back against a wall. Lower your butt until your legs are parallel to the floor, cross your arms, and hold the position. You can also do this one on your toes instead of flat on your feet.
  • Walking For Weight Loss - There are many varieties to this that depend on your fitness level. Some of these things can be pretty fun if you don't mind extra attention.
  • Car Pushing - This is pretty self explanatory. Find an open parking lot, have someone sit in the car to steer, and push! Do a few sets of these and your lower body will be begging for mercy.
  • Trail Running - To be honest, I'm not a big fan of jogging. It's simply just not my personality. However, every once in awhile I like a good run through the woods. There's nothing like going for a nice jog through the woods and being surrounded by nature, in a world full of chaos and stress.
  • Hiking - If you're looking for some great fun and a good leg exercise at the same time, just take a hike! Find the steepest mountain you can find and hike for an hour or 2. This is a great way to build some leg and lung power and have some great fun at the same time. If you're already in great shape you can even sprint up the hills that aren't too rocky or uneven.
  • Basketball - Basketball is a great workout for your legs, as well as your entire upper body and core as well, especially if you're playing against others. It will also make you feel more like a kid again, which is great for everyone!
Leg exercises are a very important part of training your body, and these exercises are some of the most challenging out there. Try to incorporate some of these exercises into your fitness program and take your fitness to another level.

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