A List Of Low Glycemic Index Food And Why You Need Them In Your Diet!

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If you're looking to lose weight, consuming low glycemic index food is a great way to do so.

If you've read my other pages you should know exactly what the glycemic index diet is and the plan you should take to achieve the best results.

You can find an overall summary of the diet at glycemic index diet

For achieving the best results, please visit glycemic index diet plan.

By now you probably realize that the majority of your carbs for the day should be coming from low glycemic index food.

By eating food that's low in GI you will receive many of the following benefits:

  • Lose and control weight
  • Increase the body's sensitivity to insulin
  • Improve diabetes control
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Reduce blood cholesterol levels
  • Help manage the symptoms of PCOS
  • Reduce hunger and keep you fuller for longer
  • Prolong physical endurance

So as you can see, you're going to be receiving a tremendous amount of benefits!

While most people are busy eating high GI carbs and therefore feeling crappy, you should take the opposite route and go for the low glycemic index food.

Your body will thank you for it.

If you'd like to print out a list of these foods, consider printing out the following table which you can either print out and put on your refrigerator or simply memorize so you always know what to eat!

Low Glycemic Index Food & Their Exact GI From Highest To Lowest

Yogurt low-fat (sweetened) 14
Peanuts 15
Asparagus 15
Broccoli 15
Cauliflower 15
Celery 15
Cucumber 15
Eggplant 15
Green beans15
Lettuce, all varieties 15
Low-fat yogurt, artificially sweetened 15
Peppers, all varieties 15
Snow peas 15
Spinach 15
Young summer squash 15
Zucchini 15
Soya beans, boiled 16
Cherries 22
Peas, dried 22
Milk, chocolate 24
Pearl barley 25
Whole Milk 27
Spaghetti, protein enriched 27
Kidney beans, boiled 29
Lentils green, boiled 29
Soya milk 30
Apricots (dried) 31
Fat-Free Milk 32
Skim Milk 32
Fettuccine 32
M&Ms; (peanut) 32
Chickpeas 33
Semi-Skim Milk 34
Vermicelli 35
Whole Wheat Spaghetti 37
Apples 38
Pears 38
Tomato soup, tinned 38
Haricot beans, boiled38
Plums 39
Ravioli, meat filled 39
Cooked Carrots 39
Snickers bar 40
Apple juice 41
Wheat kernels 41
Spaghetti, white41
Black-eyed beans 41
All-Bran 42
Peaches 42
Tinned Chickapeas 42
Oranges 44
Lentil soup, tinned 44
Carrot juice45
Macaroni 45
Pineapple juice 46
Instant Rice 46
Grapes 46
Grapefruit juice 48
Multi grain bread 48
Rice, parboiled48
Baked beans, tinned 48
Porridge, non instant 49
Chocolate bar; 30g 49
Jams and marmalades 49
Whole grain 50
Barley, cracked 50
Ice-cream (low- fat)50
Yam 51
Orange juice 52
Kidney beans, tinned 52
Lentils green, tinned 52
Kiwi fruit 53
Pound cake 54
Sweet potato 54

Obviously there are more foods available, but this glycemic index chart gives you a good understanding of the GI in a very diverse amount of foods.

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