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Fun Neck Exercises
Strenghten Your Neck and Build Neck Muscles

Neck exercises are one of the most commonly neglected exercises of them all.

Most people are so afraid of doing exercises with their neck that they don't train it at all!

Having a strong neck can save you from a lot of heartache and pain. Just by doing some quick, simple, and fun exercises you can build tremendous neck strength. It will also make it more flexible and therefore less painful if you suffer from neck problems.

Some of them even strengthen your entire spine, so you'll be able to withstand any type of injury to that vital area much better. If you're in a car accident, you'll have much less of a chance of getting whiplash because these neck exercises will have strengthened your neck enough to take the blow.

If you're a combat athlete or happen to get in a fight, you'll be able to withstand punches much easier, making you a better fighter.

If you accidentally trip or fall, you won't be as susceptible to breaking, twisting, or doing anything else to your back or neck.

I've read stories of old time strongmen that built such powerful necks they could tighten their neck muscles while hanging from a noose and still be able to breathe! You may remember Alexander Zass 'The Inventor of isometrics', Maxick, Mike Marvel and others.

Anyway, if you want some great neck exercises to build a powerful neck like those guys, check these out. Just be very careful with these exercises as they are dealing with your neck. I do them with less intensity than I would with any other exercise because I don't want to strain it.

  • Wrestlers Bridge

    Lie on your back with something soft under your head. Bend your legs so your feet are flat on the floor, and place your palms up by your shoulders. Push your legs into the floor and place the weight on the top of your forehead. This is very uncomfortable to start doing, so you can push up slightly with your hands to take some of the pressure off your neck. Little by little, take the weight off until you're completely resting on your head alone with no help from your hands.
  • Chair Holds

    Also a tremendous exercise for your core, this is a hard exercise suited for people already in good shape. To start, place 2 chairs about as far away from each other as your height. Place 1 foot on a chair, then place the back of your head on the other. Finally, bring the last leg up and hold the position. This is a real test of neck strength.
  • Isometric Neck Exercise

    This is a common exercise but I'm going to add a little twist to it so it's more fun. The point of this is to place your hands on your head and push against it. For example, place your hands on your forehead and push it backwards, while trying to push your neck forward. Isometric exercises are a great way to improve strength.
    However, to make it a little more fun, don't use your hands. Instead you can use a table for pushing it down, a door for pushing it sideways, or any type of overhang for pushing it backwards. Just make sure you wrap put some padding on whatever you're pushing against so it doesn't hurt your skull. See how easy it is to make things fun?
  • Headstand

    Commonly used in advanced yoga classes, this is a great neck exercise as well as an overall health builder. Put a pillow or something very soft next to a door, get on your knees and place your head on the pillow. Then swing your legs up to the door and simply rest on the top of your head. It sounds hard, but it's pretty easy to balance if you're in decent shape. When you're more advanced you can even move from side to side to strengthen the side of your neck.
  • Using Resistance Bands

    If you have a resistance band, simply wrap it around something, put it around the top of your head, and making head bobbing movements. Make sure you move your head front, back, and to both sides.

Strengthening your neck should be a very important part of your workout routine. If you're out of shape right now I suggest you start with the isometric neck exercises and move on to the rest as your fitness level increases. If you're interested in keeping your entire spine strong, visit my back exercises page.

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