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Pilates For Warmup

by renee'

Hi, my name is Renee'

One of my favorite warm ups is doing a 5 - 10 minute pilates routine. Just some light stretches.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise program or series of exercises (designed by Joseph Pilaties back in 1920's) which are focused on building strength without building muscle mass, and building mental with physical fitness.

Pilate exercises are meant to give stress on controlled movement in conjunction with correct form, and are supposed to engage the mind as well as the body.

Of course you can do pilates as your entire routine to feel more balanced and relaxed.

You can set up your program to work different body parts at each warm up.

There are several ways to warm up or work out with pilates - there are floor work outs, rubber band stretches and also my favorite - the pilates reformer which is just a word for the piece of exercise equipment.

P.S. love your site .. fitness should be fun!

have fun

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Pilates For Warmup

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Warmup with Pilates
by: Fitness Made Fun

Thank you for the kind words and your supperb submission.


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