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How I Built The Fitness Made Fun Website Using Site Build It!

This page is a little story about how a company called Site Build It! (Also known as SBI!) helped me overcome financial fears and put me on the fast track to wealth. I can say now that finding this company was the best thing that ever happened to me financially. I have so much faith in it that now I try to get other folks to do the same thing I did.

When I was 19 years old I found a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". This book instilled an idea in me that I'll never forget. Since I read the book I've never looked back and have been trying to achieve financial independence for myself and won't stop until I reach it.

The majority of people today will not be financially secure when they retire. Unfortunately, Social Security is not going to last much longer. All the major economic experts are predicting that in the next few decades it's going to be completely gone and people will need to fend for themselves.

Therefore, you need a second income in order to start saving for retirement. After learning this, I started looking for ways to make money. I signed up with a network marketing company called "Pre-Paid Legal" which is an amazing service (I have it personally) but I wasn't exactly interested in selling it.

Then I started researching and getting into things such as stocks, forex, affiliate programs, and other types of online money making schemes.

I wanted to find something that could make me a few extra bucks per month, but still let me have enough time to focus on keep my Deans List status at college.

I searched and searched, but fond nothing that I thought was legitimate and something I'd enjoy doing.

Finally I was looking one day and came across something I had never heard before - Site Build It!

For some reason when I looked at their website, something inside me said this was the real deal. They seemed genuine, and their reputation was surprisingly impressive.

As I researched more, I found out that they were perfect for a beginner, although a lot of professional website builders use it as well. Although I didn't even know what half of the stuff meant, they seemed to really cater to their customers.

Now that I've had it for quite awhile, I know that the services they provide are worth at least 10x what they charge.

Long story short, I ended up purchasing Site Build It.

Where I Am Today Thanks To Site Build It

This is the second site that I started and I've made a ton of extra income so far. The amazing thing is that's not even my focus! I just love giving people great advice on fitness and, as they say, "the rest is history"

That's the power of Site Build It. They teach you how to build a complete website from head to toe, and most importantly, how to bring visitors. What do visitors mean? Income!

When I graduate college in May 2008, my websites will be making me enough money to pay ALL of my student loans, plus a few hundred dollars extra - every single month. That means I'm going to college for free as a result of just putting in a very small amount of hours per week.

Here is a little more proof of how truly amazing SBI! is. This is a page FULL of successful Site Build It owners who want to share their successful stories with you!

Why You Need Site Build It!

In summary, Site Build It! is an all-inclusive website builder that allows you to simply write about a topic that you are passionate about (fitness in my case), and make money by doing so! There are no add-ons, no up sells, nothing. You just buy the package and start writing.

I should also mention that the Site Build It community is one of the most supportive and wonderful communities I've ever been a part of. There is always someone willing to help and even Ken Evoy makes it seem like you've known him forever - and he's the owner!

You might not want to build a website about fitness or health, but I'm sure you have some kind of passion or hobby you'd love to teach others about. Some people write about writing, some write about pets, travel, health, hobbies, whatever field of work they're in, and so many other topics!

Site Build It! could sell for literally 10 times what it's selling for now and still be a great deal in my opinion. The knowledge acquired and expertise gained is absolutely priceless. Plus they just added a new feature which will bring at least double the traffic to just about any website using it.

But don't take my word for it. Watch the short video below and go to the website after to see that its right for you.

Have a Question? Ask Ken Evoy ,the founder of SiteBuildIt.

Site Build It!

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