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Stretching To Warm Up

by K Holoholo

I like to put on some slow music and start by doing some breathing exercises first. This will get your lungs relaxed and ready.

Just take some deep breaths in and slowly breath out, repeat 10 times.

Then I do some leg stretches against the wall. I will stretch out my calves and tendons.

Place your hands against the wall and extend one leg out behind you to stretch out your calf and then repeat on the other side for you other leg, repeat 3 to 5 times on each side.

Bringing your knee forward while in this position will stretch your Achilles tendon.

Then I stand straight and do a few neck rolls in both directions. Then I do some shoulder and arm stretches.

Stand straight and make circles with you shoulders and then extended your arms out to your sides and make circles with your hands. Start by making them small and get bigger then get smaller again.

Now it is time to stretch the back by bending over slowly then coming back up slowly vertebrae by vertebrae.

Now I sit down on the floor and extend my legs out to the sides and I do side stretches by reaching for my ankles and stretching.

At first with both hands to both ankles then two hands to one ankle to stretch your sides out.

This stretch routine should take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on how long you want to stretch.

But at least a minimum of 5 minutes should be used to stretch before starting your exercise routine of choice.

Remember to cool down afterwards as cooling down is important too.

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Stretching To Warm Up

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Stretching to warm up
by: Dirk

I think stretching is one of the best warm up exercises you can do.

Most people I see at the gym seem to jump right into their work out. Muscles cold and all. Not a good idea.

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