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Is The Bean Exercise Machine
Worth The Money?

Is the bean exercise machine just another fad in the exercise world, or is it something that would actually be worth buying?

On this page I'll give you a very objective view on the good and bad about this product. To be fair, I'll include 2 of each.

Since I'm a positive guy, I'll start with the good.

Good Things About The Bean Exercise Machine

One of the first things I look at when reviewing any type of product is the facts.

Given that, I was impressed that the website claims a 55-72% increase in the efficiency of the muscles used during exercise. By itself this is great, however although there is a big increase in efficiency, they're comparing apples to oranges.

They're comparing what the bean performs (something like a V-up, described on my 6 pack abs page) to crunches.

Also, it's very easy to skew the data, but I won't go into it any further than that because we're going to assume all things are equal and they're telling the truth.

The second good thing is that it's great for beginners and those who have back problems. Similar to the fitness ball, the contours in this product help to support the lower back. Although if you follow the exercises laid out on my back exercises page, you shouldn't have any lower back problems.

Bad Things About The Bean Exercise Machine

The first thing is simply the price. This product is extremely similar to a fitness ball. In my eyes the only difference is an extra hump, which makes the exercise even easier. Is that worth an extra $30? That's up to you.

Another thing that I don't like is the fact that this product is designed for people who want to take the easy way out. Society today is obsessed with making things easier and faster. Sometimes in health you shouldn't think that way. In health, harder and more focused means a better, leaner, healthier you.

Whether you want to buy this product is obviously up to you. In all honesty, I would recommend staying true to yourself and not purchasing these new "fad" types of fitness products.

I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending a product like this, simply because I don't believe in things that try to make fitness easier. It's meant to challenge you, not to be easy.

About 95% of these types of products aren't worth the money, and that's simply never going to change. With only a few exceptions it's always better to use your body.

The Bean
Exercise Ball?

Is The Only Difference In The Price?

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