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The Best Weight Loss Program
Is The One That Suits You

Have you ever noticed that the best weight loss program is usually the one that the seller is promoting?

It is very confusing to watch commercials about health products because each one of them is saying they are better than the other.

One person says that "new scientific research" shows how eating a low fat/high carbohydrate diet is the best weight loss program. Then 5 minutes later another commercial comes on promoting a book that just was just released about how a high fat diet/low carbohydrate diet is the best weight loss program.

Better yet, you also hear the same thing about the way in which people work out. People such as martial arts swear by bodyweight exercises exclusively, while bodybuilders shun bodyweight exercises and stick strictly to lifting weights.

It is so confusing!

This is the trap I fell in a few years ago. I switched from one type of workout to the next, never really sticking with one long enough to see any real results.

Luckily for me, I figured out what the best weight loss program really is for me.

Honestly, What's The Best Weight Loss Program?

Simply put, it is whatever you enjoy. This is the main reason I created this website. When I used to lift weights, I hated it. That is why I could never stick with it and wound up hurting myself because I never took the time to learn proper forms. I still have tendonitis from a weight lifting injury that sometimes makes me stop short on my workouts.

Now that does not mean that everybody should stop weightlifting. I just don't enjoy it, but I have friends that absolutely love it. It is good for them, so that is what they should stick with. I like to do other forms of exercise.

The good thing is, there are a lot of different forms of exercise to choose from. You can pick strictly bodyweight exercises, isometrics, lifting weights, or even pure cardio (although I would not recommend only doing cardio). You can pick 1 of these, or all 4! It does not matter, as long as it makes you enjoy working out.

The secret to a good fitness and weight loss program is not some new miracle drug or workout they have just discovered. It is finding what you enjoy. Only about 5% of people can lose the weight they want to lose and actually keep it off. Want to know why? Because they do not enjoy working out and eating healthy enough to stick with it!

Since I started doing workouts that I enjoy instead of working out to "look better" I have made some major improvements. I am not only happier by doing it this way, but I am at the point where if I am going to miss a day of working out I actually miss it. That says a lot about a weight loss program.

By the way, this applies to a strength builder or muscle building program as well, not just a weight loss program. In my opinion they are all interconnected anyway.

Debunking Common Myths

I want to debunk a common myth right now.

Most people think that only weight lifting builds big muscles that looks nice. Well I am here to tell you that anybody that thinks that is completely wrong. Isometrics and bodyweight exercises can build muscle pretty much just as easily, if you know how to do it right.

Your body does not know what kind of stimulus is being placed on a muscle. It simply feels a load being placed on it and acts accordingly. It is not like your muscle says "oh he is just doing push ups, we can not grow today".

Building muscle is about 80% about nutrition and it also has to do with the number of reps you do. For an easy reference, 1-5 is for muscle strength, 6-12 is for muscle building, and anything more than that is for muscle endurance. These are rough estimates because everybody responses differently.

If you can do 30 push ups easily, try 1 handed push ups. If you can only do 6, you are in the muscle and strength building mode! Anyway even if, for example, weight lifting builds bigger muscles than bodyweight exercises, what's the difference if you can not stand weight lifting? You need to do what is right FOR YOU.

If you have not noticed, I tend to lean towards bodyweight exercises because they can be made much harder in almost any situation, and they also move your body much more naturally and utilize your core and stabilizer muscles a lot more.

For me, it is a great weight loss program and strength builder. It is also put muscle on me, but that is not my focus right now.

Take a few minutes to go through the pages of this website and see if the exercises I lay out for you would be of interest to you. If they are, take a few for each body part and go make yourself a nice little exercise program. As long as you find it fun you will stick with it, and you will experience improvements in your health like never before.

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