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The Small Things Make Big Differences

by Serena
(Oaxaca, Mexico)

I was about 10 years into my yoga practice before I was able to do a down dog pose properly.

The magic moment arrived one day because of something I had done differently. I prepared for it.

It seems counterintuitive to warm up for yoga, because so much of yoga seems like a warm-up. But the more challenging positions - or perfecting the more basic ones - demand precision, fluidity, and strength.

One of the best methods for building up to this mighty trifecta is to do deep breathing or what I like to call Darth Vader Breathing.

Deep breaths are an excellent way to warm up because the signal the body to relax and be receptive.

They deliver oxygen to the body you're about to work, and they center your mind on the activity at hand.

Those deep breaths did more than any amount of stretching and pulling could not accomplish those 10 years and, most importantly, they prepared me for my next challenge - the perfect Triangle Pose.

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The Small Things Make Big Differences

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Warming up
by: Peter

I never thought of breathing as a warm up but I got to try it.

Makes sense.

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