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Thera-band exercise ball

by David
(Seattle, WA)

Exercise balls have been used in fitness and rehabilitation settings for many years, and are consequently extremely popular exercise tools.

Given the popularity of exercise balls, there are so many brands to choose from, however there is really only one brand you should look for: Thera-band.

Thera-band exercise balls come in several different sizes to meet individual height needs ranging from 47 to 69+. The colors differentiate the size:

Yellow - 45 cm (18") - For height 4' 7" - 5'
Red - 55 cm (22") - For height 5' 1" - 5' 6"
Green - 65 cm (26") - For height 5' 7" - 6' 1"
Blue - 75 cm (30") - For height 6' 2" - 6' 8"
Silver - 85 cm (34") - For height 6' 9" +

Given the wide variety of exercise balls on the market, why choose Thera-band?

The answer is simple, quality is top notch. If you compare the Thera-band exercise ball to others on the market, it is easy to tell that the build quality is simply better than anything else out there.

With its thick, durable shell weight tested up to 1000 lbs. you will immediately notice the difference. For about the same price as other balls on the market ($13 - $50 depending on size), choose what the professional therapists and trainers use in their offices and gyms, the Thera-band exercise ball.

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Thera-band exercise ball

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Thera-band exercise ball
by: FitnessMadeFun


Thank you so much for your detailed explanation.

I appreciate it.

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