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Video Games Exercise Combo

What? Video Games Exercise?

It's a surprising thing to think of isn't it? Although we're living in an age where everybody and their mother is trying to sell us the "ultimate exercise program", there are still some good ones out there.

Exercising with video games is one of them.

Since I'm a big video game lover myself, the past few years have impressed me very much with all the new technology these video game companies are coming out with.

First we had Dance, Dance Revolution made by Playstation 2. This is a game where little arrow symbols pop up on the screen and you dance on a mat in front of you. If you've ever danced in a brisk way, you know this can be a great workout.

That was the game which made headway into the whole revolution of getting exercise by playing video games. Then Nintendo got really innovative and risky. They made an entire system dedicated to moving your body while playing video games!

Although I don't have one of these myself (but I'd like to get one soon), I've played it and was amazed the first time I played the boxing game that comes with the system.

In the boxing game they actually make you punch with the controller in your hand to hit the other guy. You also have to turn the controller sideways to evade, but I take it a step further and actually dodge sideways with my entire body.

Believe me, after playing for awhile you're working up a pretty good sweat. I just wish they could come out with a kick boxing game, since kick boxing is such an amazing workout.

Even if you don't play any of the boxing games or anything similar, you're at least still using your arms. It's a better option than sitting on a chair eating potato chips isn't it?

If you're a video game fan or have a child who was looking to get a Nintendo Wii, I would highly recommend it for some great fun. If you were looking for them to get more exercise (like most parents are), this is a great way for them to exercise while not even realizing it. Just make sure you get them a game which would make them move around a little.

Exercising With Video Games In Other Ways

If you have no intention of buying a Nintendo Wii, you can still get a great workout while playing video games.

I never even thought of this until lately, but it's become one of my "quick and dirty" workouts that I'll do if I'm feeling unmotivated.

Instead of just sitting down on a chair and playing video games, I will sit on an exercise ball. You can get a great exercise ball workout in while playing whatever console you own. Just do one exercise each time the game is loading, each time you hit a checkpoint, each time you beat a level, etc.

You can also drop to the floor and do hindu pushups, hindu squats, sit ups, or a number of different leg exercises.

So you see, exercise and video games aren't something that aren't enemies to each other anymore. I still don't condone playing them everyday for hours on end, but at least now they've made it possible to exercise while playing video games and stay in shape, even if it's just a little bit more.

By the way, you can do these same types of things for anything, such as watching TV. Just be creative and let yourself have fun!


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