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Walking For Weight Loss Made Fun

Walking for weight loss is a great activity to take part in if you can not do more strenuous activities for one reason or another.

As I mentioned in my exercises for rheumatoid arthritis page, walking has very little stress on your joints. It is also great for clearing the mind.

There are 2 different ways in which you can walk. One of them is walking for weight loss. The other is walking to clear your mind. One is done fast, the other slow. If you want to clear your mind but still make it fun, I am sorry but this page is not for you. Walking to clear your mind is purposefully done as slowly as possible and requires that you just relax and maybe talk to your spouse or friend if they are with you.

If you are looking for ways to make walking for weight loss more fun, read on.

How To Make Walking Fun In Your Neighborhood

If you are looking to make your walks a little more fun and challenging, all it takes is a little creativity. For example instead of going at one pace, you can try performing intervals instead. Do this by walking at your normal pace on the turns and walking as fast as possible on the straight-aways.

At a track you can also walk a lap or 2, then walk up and down the bleachers. Then, as they say, rinse and repeat.

If you are walking in a neighborhood, you can do 1 block fast, 1 slow, etc. You can also just count your steps. For example, 100 fast, 50 slow.

You can also just try to find a hilly area and power walk up the hills while walking more slowly on the straight-aways.

How To Make Walking Around A Lake Fun

I live about 30 minutes from a 4 mile walk around a lake. When my girlfriend and I go walking there, I like to spice it up a little. For example, if I see a sturdy log on the side of the path, I jump on top of it a few times, then catch up to her by running to her.

One part of the lake has a bridge and there is a 2-3 foot wall around it. I like to take vertical leaps on top of this as well.

You can also do a quick set of lunges on any sturdy log, bench, or wall.

Going back to the power walking trick, you can make it a point to power walk as fast as possible up any of the hills you encounter.

You can also do such things pull ups on tree limbs (make sure they are sturdy though), or even chasing squirrels to get your heart rate up a little higher!

I also like to pick up large tree stumps or rocks and throw them as far as I can. That is a great exercise in itself.

If you do not feel you are getting a good enough workout from your walks, but you do not like to or can not run, you can always just drop down and do a set of hindu pushups and hindu squats in the middle of your walk.

There are plenty of ways to make walking more fun. You can even play a movie inside your head of doing extraordinary things while you are walking. While this might sound a bit awkward, it will help strengthen your mind/body connection and maybe even get you to laugh if you can conjure up some silly thoughts - like if you picture yourself jumping through trees like a monkey.

Whatever you do, keep it casual and fun. Do not think that walking for weight loss has to be 100% serious. The point is that you want to stay healthy and not be bored with your workouts. Laughing works wonders towards keeping you healthy, so do it! Enjoy Your Walking For Weight Loss!



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